SCOTDIC is a collection of fashion colors dyed on fabric for use as a standard to communicate color. The system covers three fabric types which are cotton, polyester and wool. The cotton system consists of 2300 colors. The Polyester set has 2468 colors and the wool set has 1100 colors.

SCOTDIC provides the most extensive library of color available in the market today. SCOTDIC books do not change each season which makes the SCOTDIC system a permanent resource of dyed color.

How does SCOTDIC work?
SCOTDIC is a visual color order system, which means the colors in the SCOTDIC system are arranged according to how people see color. SCOTDIC uses the Munsell system of identifying color according to hue, value and chroma. In this system, all achievable colors are first divided into hue families. 54 hue families are represented in the SCOTDIC system. Each individual color is then given a notation according to its degree of gray and brightness. Since the colors are arranged according to the Munsell system, colors of the same weight have a similar notation.

All replacements are dyed on fabric and are available in four sizes SCOTDIC colors are never printed on paper.

Who uses SCOTDIC?
Basically anyone who needs a consistent, replaceable source of fabric color standards can use SCOTDIC

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