The sole production company of SCOTDIC color swatches and color reference books (SCOT Color Co. Ltd of Osaka, Japan) has closed down.
As of now we cannot process any more orders for SCOTDIC color swatches. We are very sorry for this difficult situation.

We have begun work towards resuming the supply of swatches from a new production facility.
All we ask is that you be patient with us over the next few weeks as this new situation takes shape.

- The SCOTDIC Team

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SCOTDIC is a visual color order system based on the Munsell system of identifying color according to hue, value and chroma. SCOTDIC color system is a collection of fashion colors dyed on cotton, polyester and wool fabrics for use as a standard to communicate color. The cotton system consists of 2300 colors. The Polyester set has 2468 colors and the wool set has 1100 colors.

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